Quake on Temple Mount

There was a Richter 5.3 level earthquake in Israel yesterday — fairly minor, but it damaged the paving on top of Temple Mount.

The Islamic Wakf “tried to blame Israel for the 6-foot by 5-foot hole, which is about three feet deep, claiming it was caused by Israel, which it accuses of tunneling beneath the Temple Mount.”

Jewish responses to the news reports include “AND THE WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN..Could HASH-M be growing weary of a mosque sitting over HIS HOLY TEMPLE. Would that HIS ANGER shortly cause the entire al-aqsa mosque (masjid al-aqsa) fall into a hole in the earth. B”H. — Ben Tzion, Chicago”

Christian responses include “This is so Prophetic & in a way exciting to believers in Jesus — this is surely-“part of the “Birth Pangs” talked about in the Bible & we pray faithfully that no human will ever desecrate the Temple Mount of the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob!! Shalom & Maranatha & Hallaujah !!!!! Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!! — Mary Ann, Essex Jct.”


We’re taking the pulse of the world, here…

For now, these Israeli and Christian comments are outliers — but an 8 point earthquake would bring all three of these viewpoints to the boil.


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